New Fragrance Launch: Maison D’Abba Sovereign

New Fragrance Launch: Maison D’Abba Sovereign

Maison D’Abba, the US-based fragrance house, is proud to introduce their first fragrance, “Sovereign”. Crafted with a combination of art and science, this exquisite unisex fragrance embodies luxury and sophistication, inspired by a timeless versatile piece of luxury item that one turns to gravitate towards when there is a need to exude poise and confidence.

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Top Notes

The top notes of “Sovereign” fragrance include coconut, rum, peach, mandarin orange, and agarwood. The tropical nutty yet fruity sweet note of coconut provides a fresh, creamy sensation with a soft texture and exotic, juicy undertone.

The rum extract conserves the perfume over time while adding depth and a fuller, sweeter body showcasing the complex, sweet, and aromatic chord.

Peach and mandarin offer a sweet, subtle touch that smells like the fruits, and mandarin orange provides freshness to the top notes. Agarwood’s “woody” and sacred scent sits as a soft bed for the bright fruity and soft floral touch.

Middle Notes

Tobacco is the heart of “Sovereign”, adding warmth, depth, and character to the fragrance. Tonka beans add a sensual, vanilla-esque aroma that improves the lifetime of the fragrance and enhances its diverse notes.

Gardenia, known for its slightly sweet, zesty, green undertones and creaminess, adds a cool, bold, fresh, as well as woody, feminine, floral. A slight touch of Jasmine invokes a hint of poise to “Sovereign”.

Ambergris is used as a fixative to help the fragrance last longer, forming attachments to the other notes in “Sovereign”. Orris, the root of an Iris root, adds dimension, character, tenacity, depth, and mystery to the fragrance.

Base Notes

The base notes of “Sovereign” include Chinese cedar, vanilla, sandalwood, and labdanum. Chinese cedar exudes a strong aroma that is woody and sweet, concealing magical keys of confidence and self-assurance.

The aromatic essence of vanilla spice enhances and accentuates the notes of the fragrance, adding a suggestive and mysterious element that gives personality to “Sovereign”.

Sandalwood works wonderfully as a carrier for other aromas, creating an uplifting fragrance with real depth. Labdanum helps balance and ground any competing scents within the perfume.


Experience the Luxury of “Sovereign” “Sovereign” fragrance is designed to make you feel special and evoke a sense of opulence that will transport you to a world of luxury.

Maison D’Abba takes pride in their commitment to quality and attention to detail, meticulously sourcing only the finest ingredients to create fragrances that are nothing short of exceptional. The name "Sovereign" Itself embodies the essence of luxury and spirituality, reflecting the founder’s religious background in Christianity.

Maison D’Abba believes that fragrance is a top contender in our Lord’s walk, and as such, they use only the finest ingredients to create fragrances that evoke a sense of opulence. In concluding, if you’re looking for a fragrance that embodies luxury and sophistication, “Sovereign” from Maison D’Abba is the perfect choice.

The fragrance is unisex, making it a perfect gift for anyone who appreciates the finer things in life. Experience the luxury of “Sovereign” for yourself and be transported to a world of opulence.

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