At Maison D'Abba, our mission is to spread the message of divine beauty and grace through our creations. We believe in using our platform as a fragrance brand to inspire, uplift, and evangelize, sharing the love of God with the world through every scent we produce.

"Rooted in Faith"
Our motto encapsulates our commitment to acknowledging God's sovereignty and infusing every aspect of our work with the essence of divine opulence.

"Evoque Unique Opulence"
Our slogan embodies our dedication to evoking unparalleled luxury and sophistication, rooted deeply in faith and Christian values.


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Week 1

Flourishing in God's Presence

In creation, God meticulously designed each aspect to thrive in its setting, from sea to soil, reflecting humanity's purposeful creation for communion with Him. Straying from this design has consequences, as seen in Scripture. Maison D'Abba champions inclusivity, echoing God's embrace of all into His divine family. [Read more ...]

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Week 2

Surrendering Control to God

Since the dawn of creation, humanity has harbored a deep-seated desire for knowledge and control. From the moment Eve gazed upon the forbidden fruit and succumbed to the serpent's temptation, the allure of possessing wisdom equal to God's has lingered in the hearts of mankind. [Read more ...]

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Week 3

Trusting God's Unfamiliar Paths

Throughout the Scriptures, we witness God's faithfulness in guiding His people through diverse and unexpected means. Yet, there is a temptation to restrict God's actions to the patterns we understand or the methods with which we are familiar. [Read more ...]