Unlock the World of Luxury: Explore Our Perfume Vocabulary

Unlock the World of Luxury: Explore Our Perfume Vocabulary

We, at Maison D'Abba, are passionate creators of exquisite fragrances. We firmly believe that understanding the language of perfumery can elevate your sensory experience.

So, brace yourself for a special treat: a glossary of common fragrance-related terms!

Whether you're a perfume enthusiast or just starting your scented journey, this guide will surely enhance your appreciation for the craftsmanship that goes into each of our Maison D'Abba fragrances.

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In perfumery, "notes" are the individual scents that compose a fragrance. These notes fall into three categories: top notes (the initial impression), middle notes (the heart of the fragrance), and base notes (the lingering aroma).

Our expert perfumers meticulously select and blend these notes to create a harmonious symphony that beautifully unfolds on your skin.

Unisex Fragrances

Unisex fragrances, also known as gender-neutral or gender-inclusive fragrances, are perfumes or colognes that are designed to be worn and enjoyed by people of any gender.

Unlike traditional fragrances that are often marketed specifically for men or women, unisex fragrances do not conform to traditional gender stereotypes in their scent compositions.

At Maison D'Abba, we take pride in crafting fragrances that are not bound by gender stereotypes. Our "unisex fragrances" are designed to be enjoyed by anyone, irrespective of gender. Embrace the sense of inclusivity and sophistication that comes with each spray.


The embodiment of luxury and grandeur, our fragrances are curated to evoke a sense of opulence. The rich and captivating scents are crafted with the finest ingredients, ensuring an exquisite experience that transports you to a world of indulgence.


 Often referred to as a "nose," a perfumer is a highly skilled artisan responsible for crafting fragrances. They blend various essential oils, absolutes, and aroma compounds to create unique and captivating scents.


Derived from the French word "to trail," sillage refers to a fragrance's trail or projection—the lingering scent that follows you as you move. Our fragrances are formulated to leave an enchanting sillage that captivates those around you.


The final stage of a fragrance's development on the skin, also known as the "base notes." The dry-down reveals the more long-lasting and subtle aspects of the scent, ensuring a delightful journey from the initial spray to the end.

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We hope this glossary empowers you to explore and appreciate the craftsmanship behind each of our Maison D'Abba fragrances fully. Our commitment to quality and attention to detail is our way of ensuring that your luxury experience is unparalleled. As we continue to create scents that embody sophistication and refinement, we invite you to embark on this aromatic journey with us.

Feel free to share this blog post with your friends and loved ones who share a passion for exquisite fragrances and the world of luxury. Stay tuned for more exciting updates, exclusive offers, and new fragrances that will transport you to a world of opulence and delight.


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